Birthing Kits
Assembling Birthing Kits at the Zonta Club of St. Catharines

The Zonta Club of St. Catharines along with the Zonta Club of Niagara Falls, Ontario, meet to assemble birthing kits a few times a year.   Once completed the kits are sent to midwives, health workers and nurses in rural areas of developing countries. These kits provide the essential items to promote a safe, clean delivery and to encourage good aftercare.  Each year we completed between 800 and 1000 birthing kits destined for third world countries.

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What is in a birthing kit?

  • 1 plastic sheet (1m x 1m or 36” x 36”)
  • 3 umbilical cord ties
  • 1 pair of gloves
  • 1 razor blade
  • 5 gauze (4”x 4”) squares
  • 1 piece of soap

Birthing Kit Assembly May 2014

Birthing Kit Assembly Crew

ZontaBK2014 zontastcatharines